CommuniTEA Spotlight Retrospective: July – November 2023

Let’s enjoy a CommuniTEA Spotlight Retrospective: July – November 2023!

This post recaps and updates information about members of the tea community featured in my monthly newsletter, Tea Infusiast News, during the second half of 2023.

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Spotlight July – September 2023

Artist Ruby Silvious often works with used tea bags. Her art includes lovingly painted images, items composed of tea bags, etc. Since being featured in the July 2023 edition of Tea Infusiast News, she had a solo exhibition, Mudanishinai (Waste Not), in Kanagawa, Japan. How wonderful! You can follow her on Instagram at @ruby_silvious.

Vedika Badlani runs Chai Musafir–“a blog for all things tea!” She also writes a newsletter and runs a tea club for Toronto-area tea lovers. Since being featured in the August edition of Tea Infusiast News, Vedika became a certified Tea Sommelier with the Tea Association of Canada. Congratulations, Vedika!

Jann, of Tea with Jann, is known for kindness, her extensive collection of turquoise Aynsley teacups. She also carries fun tea stickers (available on her website)! Since being featured in the September edition of the newsletter, she has created lot of new content on her YouTube channel.

Jann’s latest video content includes an interview with our April CommuniTEA Spotlight–Taniya of Yoga, Tea, Poetry. They discuss the process behind creating Taniya’s book of poetry, What Will People Say. The book comes out in early January 2024. Also, Jann resumed her beloved VLOGMAS YouTube series around the countdown to Christmas.

Spotlight October – November 2023

Robin Boogaerts is a talented potter who makes teaware. Previously based in Montréal, he now works in Thailand. Since being featured in the October 2023 edition of Tea Infusiast News, he has created and added many new pieces to his shop. You can follow him on Instagram @arbeeceramics and find his work on Etsy and

Tim and Jennifer stand side by side and review teas and herbal teas (particularly blended or flavored). Often, they compare a hot and a cold steep of the same blend.

Their reviews, like Tim and Jennifer, are super charming!

They post on Instagram @timandjennifer regularly. This charming couple also added dozens of helpful reviews since being featured in the November 2023 edition of the newsletter.


I hope you enjoyed this recap and update of the Tea Infusiast News CommuniTEA Spotlights from July – November 2023.

In case you missed it, you can see the members of the tea community highlighted in the January – June 2023 CommuniTEA Spotlight here.

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