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Spring Rest Kit for Tea Lovers

Make it easy to have restorative and mindful tea sessions this spring: sign up for my online Spring Rest Kit for Tea Lovers!

Registration is open now.

Spring Rest Kit Overview

The Spring Rest Kit for Tea Lovers provides:

  • practices designed for roughly 15-minutes sessions that can be easily incorporated into even busy days
  • the opportunity to practice at a time and place that works best for you
  • a password-protected site to share thoughts and experiences with other Rest Kit participants

This online kit is designed to provide everything (except the tea) that you need to have convenient, mindful, and restorative tea breaks!

Spring Kit Details

The kit includes resources like curated and original grounding practices, suggestions for mindfully drinking your tea, tea encouragements, journal prompts, and sound experiences. It includes a menu of resources. You can use them all or choose what resonates.

Two teacups on a tea table. A colorful banner is overhead.

Resources are shared on a password-protected area of the Tea Infusiast website. Right on that page–if they wish–kit subscribers have the opportunity to exchange their thoughts and experiences with others who are subscribed.

The Spring Rest Kit launches on March 28th.

A certain number of sign-ups are necessary to launch the kit, so signing up sooner rather than later helps immensely!

Fee & Sign-Up Information

Equity is important to me.

Registration Rates for the Spring Rest Kit for Tea Lovers are Sliding Scale (in USD):

  • $10 (for tea friends experiencing tight finances)
  • $16 (suggested registration rate)
  • $22 (for tea friends in a position to help support the reduced-rate price)

I am donating 10% of kit sales to Caring Across Generations--a nonprofit that shares stories and works for equitable policies to better support families and caregivers in the United States.

If you purchase your kit by May 8th, you are invited to join me and the other Spring Rest Kit friends for a live guided tea and rest session on Zoom. (No pressure if you aren’t interested or it doesn’t work for you.) The live session will be on Friday, May 10th, from 1:30-2pm EDT.

Are you ready to make convenient and restful tea breaks a part of your spring? If so, I invite you to register!

Choose your registration rate from above and click on the button below. It will take you to PayPal. In the message area on PayPal, please type “Spring Rest Kit.” There is a photo of me, my name (Traci Levy), and @teainfusiast at my PayPal account.

IMPORTANT: After paying through PayPal, please fill out this quick form so I can contact you about the kit. (You can also use this form to ask me questions about the kit.)

If you would like an alternative payment method, please contact me through the form. I’m happy to work out a different payment method!

I hope you will find my Spring Rest Kit for Tea Lover’s convenient, inspirational, and restorative.

Traci Levy, AKA teainfusiast, holding a cup of tea

Let’s rest and connect with and through tea this spring. Interested in reading more about tea and rest, check out my Tips for Restful Tea Time.

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